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Are you looking how to get 1000 referrals sign up to your business? Trafficadbar is the best free traffic exchange website to help you get unique sign ups daily. Most of the visitor is come from top tier country such as USA, Canada, Europe traffic!
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Add Link Of Your Promoted Website
Before start to get traffic, you must add your promoted website link to advertisement. >>Top 10 Paying Website<<.Once you are done, you can start to click the ads and your website will receive visitor, and if they are interested on your program, they will become your referrals or customers or subscribers!
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Top Members And Surfers Daily
The more you surf, the higher you ranking position. Top 20 ranking member website will be appear on all Trafficadbar member area, it mean you can get another free extra hits for your website if they click on your link!
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What Can You Do With TrafficAdBar?
  • Get Traffic By Surf The Ads to get point and hit (1:1 ratio)
  • Earn Point To Increase Level Ladder To 10 For Extra Hits
  • Referring Others To Earn Commissions
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Get Traffic By Surf The Ads
TrafficAdBar is the best free traffic exchange website which provide real visitor and unique traffic. How to do that? Just click on the ads and wait for 10 second timer, then you will get paid 1 credit, after that you can use it to promote your website to get view. 
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As you can see on below image, i clicked 2001 ads in a single day, and it auto promote my website, so i received 2408 visitor and most of them are USA, Canada, UK traffic! Besides that, i get 131,400 points to my account, it will increase my level ladder to get extra unique traffic!
traffic ad bar get 3000 free traffic daily

After you click for 25 ads, a pop up bonus will appear, you can choose to swap 5 hits for 100 points or keep the hits. I recommend to keep the hits because it will help you to get more traffic and referral to your program.
get bonus traffic ad bar

Everyday i login to account and surf the advertisement, here are my result in 1 month. I get over 70,000 visitor to promoted website, and i get more than 300 referral join under my program, to help me boost my business result, where can you find a free lead generation website like this?
total visitors per month traffic ad bar

In 1 month, my average click per day is 2500 to 3000, and i have receive the good result from this TrafficAdBar website, the more you click the ads, the more faster you can growth your business!
total hits graph traffic ad bar
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Get Traffic By Increase The Level Ladder
How to increase the level ladder? you need traffic points. For every click on the ads, you will receive point also, the more point you have, the more high level ladder you will reach, and the more extra visitor you will get for every 3 day. 

Level 10 will received up to extra 1022 visitos every 3 day, As you can see below photo, i have 3 website,  >>Ysense<< and >>Serfbux<< and >>Leadsleap<< reached high ladder, so i will get extra 1022 view for every 3 day! 
level ladder traffic ad bar

Referring Others To Get Commissions
Another things you can do from TrafficAdBar is you can earn some money here, by promote your referral link to get new leads sign up under you, you can earn up to $100 daily if you have many referral who upgrade to pro member.
get sales commissions traffic ad bar

Besides that, for every referral click, you will earn bonus point also, it help to increase the level ladder more faster and effective. Based on below photo, i have earn 10000 points from my referrals, to boost my ranking to get more 1022 visitors!
total referral list traffic ad bar

Upgrade Membership
If you are lazy to click the ads daily, you can choose to upgrade your account to pro member, it will guarantee gave you visitors every month, like 1000 visitors for pro lite, and some other benefit as shown below:
upgrade membership traffic ad bar
lead generation traffic ad bar

Cash Out Your Commissions
You can cash out your commissions to your bank by request money withdraw. It is best, get free money from internet without any effort!

Here are some of my tips for using TrafficAdBar:
  • Login daily and click at least 100 ads
  • Refer new member to join
  • Cash out your earnings
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