VuexyBux Earn Money Online And Get Free Traffic Daily

VuexyBux is the best paid to click website, that can earn money online, get free traffic and referrals daily. I received my money Rub 1.20 in a second!
vuexybux payment proof money

What can you do with Vuexybux?
  • Earn Money Online Daily
  • Get Unlimited Traffic Daily
  • Get Unlimited Referrals Daily
How to earn money online using Vuexybux?

Get Paid To Click
To start earning money with Vuexybux, you need to click ads, the timer count will be show, range from 5 second to 40 second, after timer end, click verification process and you will get paid!
vuexybux paid to click ads

Upgrade Package Revenue Sharing
Another option to make money online with Vuexybux is purchase revenue sharing. There are 9 ad pack to purchase, start from ad pack 1 - ad pack 9, the higher level of ad pack, the more money earning in return. Below photo show ad pack level 8 will return 47% profit per month, 564% per years!

Once you purchase a ad pack, you will earn money daily, no expiry date on ad pack. As you can see, i buy 2 packages, and i will receive my money back daily, no date limit, a win win business for all!
make money online from ad pack

Get Daily Active Bonus
Vuexybux provide extra bonus to all member daily, >>Top 10 Paying Website<<, you can claim the bonus every day to get the free credit, no need to pay any money for it, it is totally free!
bonus for money

Get New Referrals To Join
Another great ways to earn more money from Vuexybux is get more referrals sign up, >>How To Get Free Referrals<<you will get paid 10% from referral earnings, 5% from their add funds to account. You can promote or share your referral link to others like promote to ptc site, traffic exchange, share to youtube, facebook, google, blogger, forum and others.
get leads and referral

Upgrade Account To Earn More
Once you join Vuexybux, you click on ads value are 100%, to increase the ad value, you can buy upgrade until 1000% of click value. For example, if i upgrade to 1000%, my ads value will increase from 0.7 to 7 forever, never expire!
benefit of upgrade

How can we get from advertising on vuexybux?

Get Unlimited Traffic And Referrals Daily
Besides that, Vuexybux has great advertising system to help you get traffic and referrals to your promoted website, you can turn you account credit to visitor view on your website or blog. I have get 100 referrals sign ups to >>Ysense<< and >>Leadsleap<<, it boost my earnings so much!
get seo traffic and referral

Exchange Credit To Get 10% Extra
Once you get credit from paid to click ads or revenue sharing packages, you can also exchange the balance credit to advertising credit, to promote your own website more in order to get view and referrals. For example, i exchange 1000 credit, i will received 1100 credit!
coin exchanger

Cash Out Your Earning
After work hard to earn money online from Vuexybux, best part is to cash out our earning to payment wallet like Payeer and Perfect money. How long to get paid? the answer is instant payment, mean if you withdraw earnings $1 to payeer, you will get paid instant. Minimum to cash out is $0.01, it is very low requirements right?
payeer and perfect money

I have try to cash out my money, and i am happy that i received my money Rub 1.20 within a second, it is so good, get free money from internet without investments!
get paid instant

Here are some of my tips for using Vuexybux:
  • Login twice daily and click all the ads
  • Share your referral link to others
  • Use credit to promote your other website, Good Result!
  • Cash out money any time
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