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CoinPayu is the best money making website to get bitcoin daily, get many leads sign ups. I have received my earnings $18.22 to Payeer wallet in 24 hours!
coinpayu payment proof
coinpayu get free bitcoin
Why CoinPayu so famous recently?
Because bitcoin price value is high if convert to USD currency. 1 Bitcoin equals to USD $65000, so imagine if you can get free btc from free website, you can get rich. In CoinPayu, all money that you earn is bitcoin, the more you work hard, the more bitcoin you will earn for free! Review
Coinpayu is the best cryptocurrency faucet such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash and best paid to click website to earn money online without investments from home. Coinpayu had good review and rating which member always update coinpayu payment proof to social network, register and login Coinpayu to make money now for free!
coinpayu review to make money online

How to using CoinPayu To earn bitcoin online for free?
  • Get Bitcoin By Viewing Paid To Click Ads
  • Get Bitcoin By Claim Free Faucet
  • Get Bitcoin By Complete Paid Offers
  • Get Bitcoin By Referring Others
coinpayu get free btc
Get Bitcoin By Viewing Paid To Click Ads
The most easiest ways to make money online is click ptc ads daily. >>Top 10 Paying Sites<< But for CoinPayu, is it diferrent, once you click a ptc ads, you will be credited satoshi. There are three types of ads at CoinPayu which are normal ads, window ads and video ads.
coinpayu paid to click ads

Mostly bitcoin can be earn on faucet website, but CoinPayu much better, provide multiple option to get bitcoin. Based on the photo below, you can earn 22 satoshi after click the ads, the more ads that you click per day, the more bitcoin you will get!
coinpayu ptc ads

Once you click the ptc ads, >>ScarletClicks Earn $100<< you must wait the countdown timer end, then the verification box will appear as below photo show, you can choose to use google recaptcha or qbk recaptcha, i suggest to use qbk recaptcha, because more easy to solve compare to google recaptcha. Just drag the number to the questions, 9-9=0, then you will get satoshi!
coinpayu qbk recaptcha

coinpayu get free bitcoin

Get Bitcoin By Claim Free Faucet
Let me tell you that currently cryptocurrency market have growth rapidly, no only bitcoin price increasing, alt coin price such as eth, xrp, ltc, dash, matic, luna, cardano ada, etc, aave, bch also skyrocket. So the best plan for now is keep buy and store bitcoin and alt coin for the long term. In, you can claim free bitcoin every hour, so register Coinpayu now!
coinpayu free bitcoin faucet

Do you know that, Elon musk tesla have invested billions dollar to bitcoin cryptocurrency on Jan 2021, he see the future of bitcoin, many expert have predict bitcoin price will reach $200,000 to $500,000 per coin in year 2030. Nowadays digital technology keep improving, computing calculations keep boosting, artificial intelligent in development, China 5G network change the digital world, so do you see that in future we will use bitcoin as our primary digital currency, register Coinpayu and login now to get free btc!  

Get Bitcoin By Complete Paid Offers
Most popular paid offers website are >>Ysense<<, but for CoinPayu, it has jungle offer wall for you to earn more money. Paid offers reward are higher than ptc ads clicking, a single offers reward earn up to $5, imagine if you complete 10 paid offers per day, you can earn $50 in a single day!
coinpayu paid offers

At CoinPayu, you can get free bitcoin by view slideshows. You can gain new knowledge by reading slideshows and make money online at the same time, the more you read, the more money you earn, it is simple.
coinpayu read slideshows to earn money online
Once you are finish reading the slideshows, you may click the next button to go next slide, you also will credited for satoshi to your account balance.
coinpayu next slide

Get Bitcoin By Referring Others
Another option to boost your income is you can refer others to join CoinPayu. >>Get 3000 Free Traffic Daily Here<< The more referrals you have, the more bitcoin you can make online, you are able to earn 10% from referrals click, and 5% from their add fund to account.
coinpayu get referrals to join
coinpayu get free bitcoin

CoinPayu provide great advertising package to get traffic and referrals sign ups to your promoted website. There are three types of advertising packages you can choose were surf ads, window ads and video ads packages. As you can see on below photo, i use surf ads packages to promote my website >>Leadsleap<<, i get 50 sign ups in 1000 hits!
coinpayu advertise to get traffic

Surf Ads
CoinPayu surf ads is most cheaper advertising to get unique traffic to your website. Once you pay for $1, you can received 1000 hits to your promoted website after users view your ads in full screen for 10 second timer.
coinpayu surf ads

Window Ads
CoinPayu window ads advertising packages is almost same with surf ads packages. The different things is users are forced to view you ads in full screen without leaving until timer is ended.
coinpayu window ads

Video Ads
CoinPayu also offers another advertising packages called video ads. This types of advertising only for promoted video like youtube video or any other video website, you can get a lot of subscribers here!
coinpayu video ads
coinpayu get free bitcoin

Upgrading Account
If you intent to maximize your earnings in CoinPayu, you can choose to upgrade account. Once you are upgraded member, your ads click value will increase, you commission on referrals earnings also will increase, help you to earn more bitcoin!
coinpayu upgrade account

Ads Contest
CoinPayu also has prize contest to earn bonus money, if your referrals add funds to purchase advertising packages, you will be able to participate the ads contest, earn up to USD $250!
coinpayu ads contest

Cash Out Your Earnings
Once your account balance reach 10000 satoshi, you can choose to withdraw your money to payment wallet like bitcoin wallet or Payeer wallet, and you will receive your money in 1 weeks!

Here are some of my tips for using CoinPayu:
  • Login twice daily to click all ads
  • Promote your CoinPayu referral link to other sites
  • Cash out money once account balance reach 10000 satoshi
Sound Interesting? Join Now:
coinpayu get free bitcoin

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