GptPlanet Best GPT Sites To Make $100 Money And Get Leads

How to make money online for free? GptPlanet is the best gpt sites which paying since 2010, i have make $40 dollar without investments!
gptplanet payment proof
Here is my GptPlanet payment proof, i withdraw my earning and get paid in 1 weeks!
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GptPlanet is sister site of >>ScarletClicks<<, online since 2010, ranked as Top 5 gpt or paid to click sites which already paid $1.3 Millions dollar to 600000 members. Besides that, GptPlanet is the most trusted and stable money making website to get free money from home without paying anything!
gptplanet paying since 2010

As you can see on below pictures, GptPlanet ranked at 5th legit sites in millions website. 934 people has post their payment proof and GptPlanet receive good review rating of 4.4/5. >>Leadsleap Earn $100<< So, you no need to worry about this sites status, just earn money online as much as you like to everyday for free!
gptplanet has good ranking in millions sites

GptPlanet is the most legit paying sites to join, >>Top 10 Paying Sites<< because of good reputation and already paying for 10 years until now! Everyone can make money here by view the ptc ads, complete all paid offers and referring others to earn more!
gptplanet earn money from home

What are the features of GptPlanet?
  • Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything
  • Great Advertising To Boost Your Traffic And Sales
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I joined GptPlanet since 2014 as free member, and i have already earn $42 free money online for free, and cash out earnings to payeer wallet on time without any delay!
gptplanet make money online for free

How To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything?

Get Paid To View PTC Ads
What is ptc ads? ptc ads is the paid to click ads which run by advertisers to get visit or view on their promoted website. So you can view all the ptc ads daily and receive money to your account balance. This is the most creative ways to make money online without any effort, everyone can make money online!
gptplanet ptc ads to earn money
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Once you click for a single paid to click ads, you need to wait for the countdown timer to end before you close the ads, then the verification box will appear as below picture shown, just click the upside down picture and you will get paid money!
gptplanet upside down picture for verification

Get Paid To Sign Ups Advertiser Sites
Meanwhile, you are able to earn extra money in GptPlanet by complete signup offers. How to do that? Just sign up to any link publish by advertiser, and you will get paid money. As you can see on below photo, Neobux offers $0.50 reward to anyone who sign ups under their affiliate program, so you can earn $0.50 once you finish sign ups!
gptplanet paid to sign up offers

Get Paid To Complete Offers
One of the best paid offers sites is >>Ysense<<, user are able to earn $400 dollar just complete offers. At GptPlanet, you also can earn higher money just complete offers, surveys and task. The more offers you complete, the more money you can earn without paying anything!
gptplanet wanna ads offers

As you can see on below picture, they are top user who earn most money by completing paid offers in a single day. Uttapon is the top 1 user who earned $13.18 in one day, congratulation to him. You also can be like them if you put more effort on completing offers everyday, and get unlimited income!
gptplanet paid offers top earners

Get Paid To Surf GptGrid
GptGrid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $1 that credit directly to your account balance. Each click will open up a advertiser ads and you will view it for 5 second until the countdown timer end. After that you will receive reward up to $1 bonus prize!
gptplanet ad grid

As you can see on below photo, there are the lucky winner who win the GptGrid and get the money prize that goes directly to their account balance. The more you surf the ads grid, the more chance to win the money prize, up to $1 reward!
gptplanet grid lucky winners
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Get Paid From Referral Earnings
Another great ways to boost your earnings on GptPlanet is to recruit as many as new user to your affiliate program. You can earn up to 100% earnings from referral click on ptc ads, and receive commissions if referrals purchase advertising, purchase account upgrade and complete offers.
gptplanet total referrals

If you want a business to success, you must have many customers. Same to online earning sites, you must have many referrals to boost your income accordingly. How to get referrals to GptPlanet? you can promote your GptPlanet referral link to free traffic exchange websites, >>Get 3000 Free Traffic Daily Here<<, other ptc sites, youtube, blogger, google and others.
gptplanet my direct referrals

How can GptPlanet advertising boost your website traffic and referrals sign ups rate?

Cheap Advertising Packages To Get Tons Of Traffic And Leads
I can honestly tell you that GptPlanet advertising packages is the most cheapest and effective compare to other advertising website. From the advertising packages, i recommend to use featured link ads which cost $2 per month, because i get 300 referrals sign up to my website >>Serfbux<< in 30 days!
gptplanet offer cheap advertising

As you can see on below photo, this is my featured link ads advertisement. The visitors who are click on my ads is really interesting on my promoted website, so it is high chance to get a lot of unique referrals sign ups to my website daily!
gptplanet featured link ads
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Purchase Account Upgrade
Once you have more than 100 referrals, you can choose to upgrade your account from free member to premium member. You can earn 100% from referral ptc click value, and get commission if your referrals purchase an upgrade, or buy advertising!
gptplanet premium members

Cash Conversion
Every paid to click ads that you click has point, the more ads you click, the more point you will have. Same to your referral click on ptc ads, also will give you point. You can choose to convert point balance to money to cash out earnings or buy advertising to boost traffic and referrals sign up!
gptplanet convert point to cash

GptPlanet Forum
Every website must have forum to prove that they are legit paying website. As you can see on below photo, payment proofs has the most active topics, so you can go to forum and check the payment proof that post by other members daily!
gptplanet forum for members

Cash Out Your Earnings
The happiest moment is cashout, once your account balance reach $1 money, you can cashout your earnings to payment wallet like payeer, skrill, neteller, perfect money or even bitcoin wallet. You will receive your payment in less than 1 weeks!
gptplanet cash out earnings

Here are some of my tips for using GptPlanet:

  • Login daily and click all the paid to click ads
  • Complete all paid offers if you want extra money
  • Recruit new member to join
  • Cash out your earnings

Sound Interesting? Join Now:
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