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Easyhits4U is great website to generate free traffic daily, I cash out Easyhits4u money to my payment wallet and I received it on time with payment proof!
easyhits4u payment proof

What is Easyhits4u.com? How can you get benefits by login to Easyhits4u everyday? Easyhits4u is a free traffic exchange website which established since 2004, by helping all user to get free view to their promoted website and blog daily. Easyhits4u is listed as top 1 traffic exchange website around the internet with 1.7 millions of users, it has delivered total 4 billions visit to all user promoted link or website. >>See how I earn $1000 money online here<<
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Easyhits4u.com Review
Nowadays smartphone and laptop is a very common things in our daily life, with internet access we can go anywhere to find our interest and hobby around google search. Easyhits4u have receive good recommendation and good rating from user because of delivered quality traffic to boost their blog or website SEO ranking at google search, at the same time Easyhits4u also help many user to get referrals sign ups and sales on their website! >>See how I make money online $400 from Ysense free here<<
easyhits4u receive good comments from users

Register Easyhits4u now to start receive excellent unique traffic from global country such as United states, England, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and other top tier country. How to register Easyhits4u account? it is very simple and easy to sign up for new account, you just need to fill in the blank form regarding your username and email address and password. Another ways is you also can join Easyhits4u by login directly from facebook or google account, bravo!
register easyhits4u account to get traffic

After you success to register Easyhits4u account, now you can start login to easyhits4u platform to start receive free traffic. To login Easyhits4u, you must put your username or email address with your password, then wait for the page to loading, after that you will redirect to Easyhits4u dashboard. Welcome to easyhits4u.com this great traffic exchange website which online over 10 years now!
login easyhits4u.com now

Let me tell you that current digital news happening around the world. Despite of covid-19 influence, the internet user has increase much than before, make money online from internet is not a dream now, it is happening now, especially cryptocurrency market like bitcoin, alt coin like ethereum, litecoin, xrp, cardano ada, matic and others. Ethereum price has increase from $300 per eth on jan 2020, to $4300 per eth on may 2021, spiked around 1400% profits!

When you join on any money making website such as paid to click website, paid surveys website, e-commerce website or crypto exchange website, you totally need a referrals or customer to boost your website sales, so massive traffic is needed to generate view to your promoted website!

How to use Easyhits4u to get massive free traffic to your sites?
  • Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u credits ads
  • Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u banner ads
  • Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u text ads
Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u credit ads
First you need to add your website link to Easyhits4u.com before start to click advertisements. Any of website link you can add such as your blog, your website, your youtube channel and others to get visitor and view daily. Choose one of your best website link to add it and start earning view now!
easyhits4u add new website

After you success to add new site to promote on Easyhits4u.com, now you can start to get website visitor just click on surfing 1:1, what does this mean? surfing 1:1 mean you click for one ads, you will get one credit for your promoted website to get international visitor. There is no limit how much you can click per day, totally unlimited traffic to get!
easyhits4u click the ads

Easyhits4u provide good surfing for computer and mobile user, for every ads you click or surf, you need to wait for 15 second timer before Easyhits4u verification box appear on your computer screen. Once the verification box appear, you will see the five icon appear, just choose the two icon with same shape and photo, then your Easyhits4u account will receive one credit to get unique visitor!
easyhits4u verification ads timer

Easyhits4u have great prize system for active surfer, you can get additional reward after surfed 25 pages, 50 pages, 75 pages, 100 pages, 150 pages, 200 pages, 250 pages, 500 pages, 750 pages and 1000 pages in 24 hour time frame. The more pages you surf, the higher the Easyhits4u reward will be. Extra reward such as free credit, free lottery ticket to win $1, 5000 banner impression and 5000 text ads impression!
get easyhits4u surfing reward now

Not like other website, Easyhits4u.com has benefits user a lot by providing weekly bonus to get extra reward. As you can see on below photo shown, if I collect 10 amethysts from surfing pages in 7 day time frame, I can get 300 free ads credit to my account, to get 300 visitor to my website or blog, and help me to get unique referrals and sign ups for free!
collect item to get easyhits4u weekly bonus

Based on below photo shown, my website have received 10888 visitor view in 30 days, what does this mean? I have surfed 10k pages in 1 month! For many people will think I am crazy, why? Imagine that if you keep doing same things everyday for free, it is so boring and tired, but as result I get 100 referrals sign ups to my website, it is so worth and so much value!
my easyhits4u promoted website traffic stats

Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u banner ads
Another option to get target visitor is Easyhits4u banner ads, you just need to upload your desired website banner url and website link as below photo shown. The more attractive of your banner ads look, the more chance to get the correct referrals and customer to join your website or buy your product and get sales. Banner marketing is strong advertising method to make a business to success in the short term and long term period!
easyhits4u add banner ads

Get free traffic and referrals using Easyhits4u text ads
Text ads advertising is one of the most successful ways to get customer who are interested to join your business or buy your product. Google AdWords text ads advertising has help many business and entrepreneur to generate big sales in quarter period. So you just need to add catchy word and phrases on Easyhits4u text ads to get unique visitor to sign ups your business and boost sales!
easyhits4u add text ads

Buy Easyhits4u credit to get unlimited traffic
Some people might ask how do I get traffic to my website without surfing the ads? Yes, you can buy Easyhits4u credit to get visitors to your site with pay money method. If you pay for $5.95, you will received 1000 credits to your Easyhits4u account, this can convert to 1000 sites view to your promoted blog or website to help you gain sales and gain referrals sign ups!
easyhits4u buy credits to get traffic

Easyhits4u offers wall
Another options to get Easyhits4u advertising credits is you can go to Easyhits4u offers wall section to complete task provided by Easyhits4u user, such as subscribe to their youtube channel, sign ups to their website, or view their website, in return they will pay you reward like 20 easyhits4u credit to your account.
easyhits4u offers wall

Easyhits4u account upgrade
If you active to online daily for longer period, you can try to upgrade your Easyhits4u account to premium or ultimate account system. What does this make different to you? As Easyhits4u free member, you need to wait 15 to 20 second to get 1 ads credit, but if you are Easyhits4u upgraded member, you just need to wait 10 second to get 1 ads credit. Not only that, Easyhits4u upgraded member also can get free referrals sign ups to your account every weeks, the chance to get daily reward $1 also increase, your website also will exposed to more user within upgrade period!
easyhits4u upgrade account benefits

Easyhits4u drawing winner
For every penny money you spend on Easyhits4u.com advertising packages, you are qualified to Easyhits4u drawing system weekly. For every 1000 credits you purchase on Easyhits4u, you received one ticket for drawing, the prize are premium membership, ultimate membership, 5000 bonus credits, 5000 banner impressions and 5000 text ads. This all are additional reward to help you gain more visitor to your website!
easyhits4u drawing winner

How to get referrals to Easyhits4u.com?
To get new referrals sign up to your Easyhits4u account, you can use Easyhits4u promo tools to refer new members. Go copy your Easyhits4u referral link, and share to your social media, youtube channel, your blogger, your website and your family and friends, tell them about this top one free traffic exchange website! >>I get 1000 referrals sign ups from here<<
easyhits4u referrals link to get leads

If you would like to promote your Easyhits4u referral program through paid to click website like neobux, scarletclicks info, ojooo wad, gptplanet, adzbazar and others. You can choose the best Easyhits4u banner and promoted on the paid to click website, when correct visitor click on your banner, they will register Easyhits4u account, and you will received one referrals sign ups, congratulations to you! 
promote easyhits4u banner link to get referrals

Easyhits4u provide good referral bonus to their referrers, such as get real cash reward to your account and get extra credit without surfing the pages. For every new user you recruit through any marketing tools, if they surf more than 100 pages on Easyhits4u, you will get cash reward $0.1 per person. Imagine you have 100 referrals, you can get $10 to your account without doing any things. And your referrals surfing credit will share with you, you can get extra credit for extra visitor to your website!
promoted easyhits4u to get referrals bonus

The more Easyhits4u referral you get, the higher the bonus you can get. I have 85 referrals on my Easyhits4u account, my current bonus standing at 9%, when my referrals surf total 1000 pages per day, I can get 90 free credits to my account, then I can use it to get traffic to my website without any effort, even you sleep, you website still can getting traffic and referrals sign ups, it is so nice to share with you!
my referrals stats

The most important part in Easyhits4u.com is here, called Easyhits4u referrals commissions. You can earn up to 40% commissions from your referrals purchase on easy splash builder and easy rotator tools. If they purchase total $100 money in 1 month, you get $40 commissions to your account, and cashout to e-wallet to do further investments such as buy cryptocurrency bitcoin, ethereum, xrp to tripled your investments! >>Get free bitcoin here every one hour<<
get easyhits4u referrals commissions up to 40%

Easyhits4u start pages package to get 20k visitor per day, when you buy start page, your website link we be shown as first pages of surfing, this is good for advertiser who want to get massive traffic to their website fast. The cost of start pages package is $10 to $30 per day, bidding within Easyhits4u member to get the position!
buy easyhits4u start pages to get massive traffic

Do you know that, a more beautiful website landing pages design is important to get attention of public visitor, for example, if you want to get sales on your product, you must summarize your product on 1 pages with beautiful photo design, this can help you to gain more sales. But to create a splash page is not easy, you need to have html knowledge, not all are expert. So you can use Easyhits4u splash builder to create your desired splash pages to get more referrals and sales to your businesses!
easyhits4u splash pages builder is great

If you want to promote more than 3 website once, you can use Easyhits4u rotator to rotate your website link, to get sequence view on all website. Mostly successful marketers is using site rotator to promoted all their website, this can help them to save a lot of time and a lot of money spend on advertising system, it is easy to use, try it now!
easyhits4u sites rotator is great

Easyhits4u account level up
Easyhits4u.com also have badge to different all user type depending on variety task they complete such as login Easyhits4u 1 years, active surfers, active promoted referral link, active buyers and others. If you Easyhits4u account is level up, you can get additional reward such as gain extra advertising credit to your account!
my easyhits4u achievements level badge

Cashout Easyhits4u money to payment wallet
Once your easyhits4u account reach $5, you can choose to withdraw money to your online payment wallet within few days.

Here are some of my tips of using Easyhits4u.com:
  • Login Easyhits4u twice daily and surf more than 100 pages
  • Complete Easyhits4u offers to received additional credit
  • Promoted your Easyhits4u referral link to get leads
  • Cash out money to payment wallet
Good luck and be successful to your online business! Sound interesting? Register Easyhits4u now:

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