PTCShare Best Website To Get Free Bitcoin And Litecoin And Get Sign Ups

PtcShare is sister sites of Paidverts. You can earn free bitcoin here, I get my PtcShare payment proof $5 to my payeer wallet. It is good money making website overall!
ptcshare payment proof

What is is a paid to click revenue sharing website which have offer multiple opportunities to earn some extra bucks and earn cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and litecoin from viewing paid to click ads, paid offers, revenue sharing and referrals commissions.

ptcshare receive good review review
PTCShare can consider as trusted online money making sites which is free for all regardless of age, education, gender, race, country, time, ethic and others. PTCShare receive good review score of 4.6 out of 5, it paying member on time, trusted admin and many member had upload their PTCShare payment proof on forum, so PTCShare is a legit website which will continue online and paying! Top Earners
There are Top 10 PTCShare earners on 48 hours, congratulations to them, you also can earn money online like them if you have passions and desired, don't give up always! >>Top 10 paying website with payment proof here<<
ptcshare top earners in 48 hours

How to use to make money online?
  • Register on PTCShare and login daily
  • Get paid to click ads
  • Get paid to complete offers and tasks
  • Buy revenue sharing packages
  • Promote your referrals link to get more referrals
  • Cashout your PTCShare earnings

Register on PTCShare and login daily
To start making money from PTCShare platfrom, you need to register account first before we go further. Account registration is easy, just key in your desired account username, password and email address, then go to your email address to verified account, after that you can login your account to start earning free bitcoin and litecoin!
click register to sign up

Did you know that? Currently cryptocurrency market have skyrocket since 2020 while covid-19 outbreak in all countries. Many people have start to invest in bitcoin and alt coin such as ethereum, xrp, litecoin, dash, cardano ada and others. Ethereum price is $130.80 per coin on Jan 2020, but eth price boost up to $4300 per coin on May 2021, increased 3200%! Imagine that you buy eth on Jan 2020 for $130.80, and you sell it on May 2021, you get profit $4,169.2, it was so awesome right? So get it now before too late! >>Get Free Bitcoin And Ethereum Here<<

Get paid to click ads (PTC)
What is paid to click ads? The first online money making system is called paid to click ads since 2008, which is you get paid real money once you surf the paid advertisements. On, you need to login daily to surf the bap points, then you will receive paid ads, the higher the bap points, the higher the paid ads, up to $50 per single click!
ptcshare bap points to get ads

Get paid to complete offers and tasks
How to earn money from home by doing PTCShare paid offers and tasks? You can login twice daily to check the available paid surveys and paid offers, a single paid surveys can earn up to $5, if you can complete 10 surveys in a single day, you already make $50 money daily! >>See how i earned $400 free money from Ysense here<<
ptcshare paid offers to make money online

Buy bulk ads to boost bap points
If you are advertiser and passive income earners, you can choose to buy PTCShare bulk ads. Only pay for $1 dollar, your account will be credited 2360 bap points to receive high ptc ads up to $50, you also can get 25 view for 728 x 90 banner impression, 100 view for 125 x 125 banner impression, 100 clicks for 5 second visits to your website, this can help you get referrals sign ups to your promoted website!
buy ptcshare bulk ads to earn money and get leads

Promote your PTCShare referral link to get leads or referrals
What is referral meaning for? Referrals is a new user which was invited by you through any social media such as youtube, facebook, twitter, reddit, google, blogger or through any advertisements such as email marketing, paid to clicks campaign, pay per click campaign, google ads and others. >>Get 1000 referrals sign ups here<<
share ptcshare referral link to get sign ups

You can get rich on this referral program by inviting new user to sign ups under you. Tell your family and friends regarding PTCShare by give them your personal referral link, by referring you will get the following benefits:
  • From their every ad purchase, you get 7% commission 
  • From their paid ad clicks, you get 3% commission
  • Qualified for additional daily referral ad up to $100
  • Increase your PTCShare achievements points to get daily referral ad issue
ptcshare top user which have earn money online

Cashout your PTCShare earnings
Once your balance account reach the minimum requirements to cashout the money, you can withdraw your earnings to fiat currency e-wallet such as payeer and perfect money, or cryptocurrency e-wallet such as faucet pay, bitcoin wallet and litecoin wallet.
ptcshare cash out money to fiat and bitcoin

If you don't know about cryptocurrency, let me tell you that. Bitcoin price value have spiked around 600% in 1 years time frame, from price $10000 per btc in 2020, skyrocket to $65000 per btc in 2021, if you have bitcoin on your wallet, you already get rich in 2021, so start to collect free bitcoin now before too late, Soon the bitcoin value will be around $200000 coins in 2030. >>Best bitcoin and alt coin faucet here<<

How to use to get traffic and referrals sign ups?
  • Purchase bulk ads
  • Purchase pure ads
  • Purchase fixed ads auction
  • Purchase login ads auction
Purchase bulk ads to get website traffic
For every $1 bulk ads you purchase, you received 2360 bap points, 25 view for 728 x 90 banner impression, 100 view for 125 x 125 banner impression, 100 clicks for 5 second visits to your website. This kind of advertisements is great for anyone who want to make money online with PTCShare and also want to get website traffic and get referrals and leads sign ups to their promoted website! >>Get free 1000 website traffic here<<
buy ptcshare bulk ads to get traffic

Purchase pure ads
There are three types of pure ads for you to purchase to get website traffic and referrals sign ups to your website.
ptcshare pure ads to get 2000 visit to your site
  • Starter package. Cost $1 to get 2000 visits to your website
  • Popular package. Cost $5 to get 12000 visits to your website
  • Best package. Cost $20 to get 60000 visits to your website
Purchase fixed ads auction
To get 100 referrals sign ups, you can buy fixed ads auction, you pay only $8 and you can get unlimited website traffic for 24 hours, around 10000 clicks on your ads, mostly big marketers get many referrals using this fixed ads auction. Imagine you have join any bitcoin exchange website, and you get 10 referrals which pay you commission $100, that is a lot of money!
ptcshare fixed ads to get 1000 referrals

Purchase login ads auction
What is login ads meaning for? When all user want to login to their PTCShare account, they must view advertisements for 15 seconds first, that called login ads. This is most effective ways to get many referrals and leads sign ups to your website in 24 hour. So how does it cost for one login ads? You need to pay for $10 per login ads, and you can get unlimited login view for 1 day, around 20000 quality traffic.
ptcshare login ads to get referrals and leads

Get free BAP reward when login to PTCShare daily
Every day you login to PTCShare, you can get bonus BAP points, remember to claim it everyday, because in PTCShare, BAP points is important, the higher the BAP points, the higher the paid ads will be issue to your account, up to $50 per paid ads in a single clicks!
login ptcshare daily to get bap reward

PTCShare Mini Upgrade
When you buy mini upgrade for $2.99, you can get high value paid ads ranging from $0.01 to $0.49 per single ads for 7 days. imagine that if you click 100 ads x $0.49 in a single day, you earned $49, and you wait for bitcoin price drop, then cash out to bitcoin wallet, and get profit when bitcoin price increase again!
ptcshare mini upgrade is profitable

PTCShare Mega Upgrade
Once you purchase PTCShare mega upgrade for $19.99, you will received high value paid ads ranging from $0.5 to $50 per ads for 7 days. Let say if you surf 100 ads x $10 in a single day, you get money $1000, and you withdraw money to litecoin wallet, then wait for litecoin price to boom upward 300%, your get profit $3000!
ptcshare mega upgrade is hot

Buy ad filters
This options is great for anyone want to skip low value paid ads such as $0.0001 ads, imagine that you receive 1000 x $0.0001 ads daily, you need how much time to view all the ads? It's damn boring and tired, so PTCShare ad filters can help you to filters low value ads, means your account only receive high value paid ads such as $1 ads above, it was great!
ptcshare ad filters to skip all lowest paid ads

PTCShare achievements points
For every activities you did on, you can get achievements points, the higher the achievements points, the higher the extra paid ads will issue to your account every day, up to $50 per paid ads!
ptcshare achievements points

Vacation Mode
This options is available for big users who have a lot of BAP points on their account, because if they go for vacation, they are unable to login to their account, and system will still issue paid ads to their account, and they are unable to click it, so the paid ads will expired, and they lose money. So, vacation mode can help them to stop the system to issue all paid ads to their account when they are in vacation.
ptcshare vacation mode turn on or off

Here are my suggestions to using PTCShare to earn money:
  • Login twice daily and view all the paid to click ads
  • Login twice daily to complete all paid offers and paid tasks
  • Promote your PTCShare referral link to blogger and youtube
  • Cash out money if balance reach $1
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